Reserve Officer on Leave After Video Where She Says She Hates All Bicyclists and Wishes They Were Dead

A Santa Paula police volunteer officer has been placed on administrative leave after a video posted to her YouTube page of her talking about hating bicyclists was widely criticized on the Department’s…


Unfortunately, motorist negativity (and even downright hatred) towards cyclists is not uncommon in California and throughout the country.  You don’t expect this from law enforcement officials, though.  As an attorney and advocate for bicyclists in Southern California, I can’t say I’m surprised.  I constantly see police officials placing blame for traffic collisions between motor vehicles and bikes without any legal justification and consistently ignoring the rule of law in CA which allows bikes to share the road with motorists.  This is despicable conduct on the part of a person sworn to uphold this law and to protect all citizens of a SoCal city including those who choose to get out and ride their bicycle in compliance with the law!

The Widow Vs. The Insurer: A Wife’s Fight For Her Family’s Future

TYLER — Crystal Davis was headed to the grocery store when the text message popped up on her phone. It was from her next-door neighbor. “Can you come home?


If you ever wanted to read a story that exemplifies the greed of corporate insurance interests at the expense of the people they are supposedly protecting, this is one.   It is a story of a widow and mother struggling to survive in the midst of repeated denials and legal battles to obtain survivor benefits from a workers compensation insurance carrier.  Unfortunately, Texas has done away with insurance bad faith claims for this type of case, which throws the average citizen to the wolves of the avarice of companies who do not wish to pay legitimate claims.

Bicycling Can Be Deadlier in L.A. Than in Mumbai, Shanghai and Other Heavy-Traffic Cities (VIDEO)

At first, riding a bicycle through Mumbai seemed like a death wish. I saw lines of cars, scooters, rickshaws, horses, oxen, and even human-pulled carts lurch into intersections before the light turned green. I hesitated at the crosswalk, holding up traffic and setting off honking from behind. I was petrified…


Los Angeles, on the surface, seems like the perfect place to get out and ride a bike.  The weather is temperate and the streets seem to be wide enough in most places and more bicycle lanes and other bike-friendly features are popping up.  This study by LA Weekly shows, though, that L.A. can be deadly for cyclists.  The death count for the year so far stands at 39!

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The World’s Most Dangerous Amusement Park Opens Its Gates Again

Action Park, a New Jersey amusement park that closed its doors 18 years ago, is open again to the public. Here’s a firsthand look at what it’s like now.


The summer is prime season for “kids of all ages” to visit amusement parks.  While most of these entertainment venues try to implement safety measures to prevent accidents, there are still far too many mishaps that occur in and around water parks and other similar businesses.  This is a great discussion of one such park that has a terrible reputation of injuries and deaths occurring on their premises.

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Progressive(R) Insurance Data Raises Red Flag for Motorcyclists on 4th of July Holiday Weekend –


The Fourth of July is one of the best holidays of the year for bikers.  The weather is warm and many are ready to ride.  We should all take note of these statistics from Progressive Insurance, though, which tend to show that Independence Day Weekend May be one of the most dangerous times for motorcycle riders.

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