Santa Monica City Council Weighs in on Blueprint for Pedestrian Safety

February 25, 2016 — The Santa Monica City Council on Tuesday had a message for pedestrians who become frustrated waiting for traffic signals or worry they could be struck by vehicles crossing the city’s busy streets.


Santa Monica, with its proximity to the pier and beaches and its great shopping areas like the Promenade, is a mecca for pedestrians in Los Angeles.  Trying to think of ways to improve pedestrian safety should be a top priority for city leaders!

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Qualcomm ordered to pay $7M in electrical accident causing burns

A jury has determined that a Los Angeles County man who was severely burned nearly three years ago while working around electrical equipment at Qualcomm’s headquarters in San Diego should receive more than $7 million in damages.


Electrical equipment causes severe burns every year to people both at home and in industrial settings.  One Los Angeles county man suffered just such an injury at the Qualcomm headquarters in San Diego.  A jury awarded him $7 Million for his injuries.  For more information on burn injury claims in California go to:

180 mph Motorcycle Crash Shows Benefits of Protective Clothing

Often bikers think they don’t need protective clothing since nothing will happen to them anyway, and if something happens, it’s not the clothing that will protect them. Honest, they do say it. Well, if you ever need to have an example on how your protective clothing will save you, have a look at the video…


Rarely do motorcycle riders get up to speeds as high as 180 miles per hour, especially on Southern California freeways and roadways.  This dramatic video, though, shows that protective clothing and gear could allow you to crash at that speed and still walk away!  For more information on motorcycle crash accident and injury claims in Southern California go to

City of Los Angeles Files $20-million lawsuit against apartment developer for huge downtown fire

The Los Angeles city attorney has filed a $20-million lawsuit against the developer of the downtown Da Vinci Apartments project, claiming its negligence was responsible for the damage caused by a massive 2014 fire at the project construction site.
The Dec. 8 fire destroyed the 75,000-square foot,…


The negligence and failure of property developers to have adequate fire protection is a cause of many blazes every year.  Luckily, this one only ended with property damage and not injury or death.  Click here for more information on fire accident and injury claims in and around Los Angeles.