Google “Disappointed” With California DMV Rules on Driverless Cars

The draft regulation requires that a driver be in the car.


California is one of only a few states that have allowed testing of so-called “driverless” cars (vehicles meant to be operated by computers and not humans).  However, the latest rules issued by the CA DMV require that the vehicles have steering and brake controls and that a licensed California driver be “behind the wheel” at all times during operation.  Google is crying foul saying that this defeats the whole purpose of the vehicles.  As a car accident attorney that represents injury victims, I am hopeful that the technology will eventually reduce motor vehicle collisions but, I am with the DMV on this one!  Until this technology has been proven safe, there should be safeguards in place.  Just as every commercial airplane has to have a pilot and co-pilot despite the advent of “autopilot”, so should motor vehicles have to have a backup in case of electronic or mechanical failure.  This is just my opinion!

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