Time Limits in Civil Claims for Child Sex Abuse

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Thankfully, many states have extended the time deadlines for filing civil claims related to childhood sexual abuse.  Many victims repress the memories of these events and only come out the report the incident many years later.

Mother of hit-and-run victim files lawsuit against City of Long Beach

The mother of a young man killed by a hit-run driver while crossing Spring Street near El Dorado East Regional Park la

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This is a tragedy.  Lawsuits alleging a dangerous condition of public property are tough and require a showing that the government entity (in this case the City of Long Beach) knew or should have known that the area was dangerous.  This can be shown by examining the accident history of the area.  When successful, these claims not only provide compensation for the victim’s family but, usually prompt improvements in public infrastructure that make future incidents less likely.  This makes us all safer!

LA Hospitals Earn Dismal Patient Ratings

Northridge-Chatsworth, CA – Most LA hospitals earned low scores from patients in a recent survey.

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Not good to see Los Angeles hospitals being rated so low for patient experience.  As a personal injury attorney in L.A., I often see clients for the first time in the hospital setting and I have seen a large range of quality across different medical facilities.