LAPD considers scaling back controversial jaywalking tickets

A recent crackdown on pedestrians in downtown Los Angeles has spurred protest by activists. City Council members are considering changing enforcement policy.


A recent spate of ticketing pedestrians in downtown Los Angeles has lead to an uproar among community activist who promote walking and biking.  Under California law, a pedestrian has the right of way in any crosswalk but, also has a duty to not enter the crosswalk unless and until it is safe to do so.

What You Need to Know About Pedestrian Safety in West Hollywood CA

Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are not uncommon in West Hollywood. All too often the news reports on someone who was hit by a car, truck, or motorcycle while walking across the street. In fact, there were 28 crosswalk accidents in West Hollywood in 2012, 22 in 2013, and 18 in 2014. You may even know someone …


Pedestrian accidents have become all too frequent in West Hollywood.  Here are some great tips to stay safe.