Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Every U.S. State – Consumer Reports

This guide details the helmet laws state by state to help riders follow the rules.


In my opinion as an attorney that represents injured bikers, wearing a helmet is just good sense.  More fatalities and serious injuries are caused due to head trauma after a motorcycle accident than just about any other, serious injury.  California requires all riders and passengers on motorbikes to wear helmets.  What is the law in your state?  Find out here.

1 Killed, 1 Arrested in Dramatic Hollywood Car Crash

A driver allegedly ran a stop sign while speeding, causing a crash that killed another driver and sheered a fire hydrant.


The lesson here is simple: Slow down and stop at controlled intersections!  Speed is a primary factor in so many auto accidents in Los Angeles and throughout the U.S. This particular case resulted in a death and an arrest.  The most likely charge will be vehicular manslaughter for gross and reckless conduct behind the wheel.

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California gas pipeline explosion, fire injures several people

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Reuters) – A construction crew on Friday accidentally ruptured a natural gas transmission line in Fresno, California, sparking an explosion and fire that injured up to 15 people, four


A construction crew working near a gas line ruptured the line causing an explosion and fire that has injured as many as 15 people near Sacramento, CA.  Working in and around pipelines requires the utmost duty of care on the part of construction and utility crews.  To see what California law says about the civil liability of companies who are engaging in hazardous activities, click here .

Can light therapy help traumatic brain injury patients?

An innovative therapy that applies red and near-infrared light to the brain is now being tested for Gulf War Illness, traumatic brain injury, and PTSD.


Although experimental at this stage, so-called “light therapy” is thought to improve cell health in the brains of persons suffering from brain injury related to trauma or other causes.  The therapy involves placing diodes on the scalp and up the nostrils which send painless and heatless light waves into the brain tissue.  As an attorney who represents persons sustaining head injuries due to auto accidents, falls, and other trauma, I a hopeful that this treatment will prove successful.

Groom, Paralyzed In Motorcycle Accident, Surprises Bride With Wedding Dance

Sgt. Joey Johnson has used a wheelchair since August 2012 when he was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident following a 10-month tour in Afghanistan.

But at his June 2014 wedding to Michelle Johnson, he surprised his beautiful bride by standing for …


So great to see the human spirit triumph in the face of adversity.  So many motorcycle riders every year sustain serious spinal injury including trauma severe enough to severe or impact the spinal cord, resulting in paralysis.  As an attorney who represents motorcycle accident victims with spinal injury, I am hopeful that medical science will continue to develop better treatments for these patients and, one day, a possible cure.

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Is California a “bicycle-friendly” state?


California ranks 9th in the U.S. for being “bicycle-friendly” according to various criteria set out in this analysis by the League of American Bicyclists.  As an attorney that represents bicycle accident victims in Los Angeles, I can tell you that the City of Angels could certainly do more to improve this rating by improving upon infrastructure and education related to bicycle safety.  There are still far to many bike mishaps in “la la land”, in my opinion.

What Small Car Owners Need to Know About Accident Risk and Insurance

You might want to increase your coverage to mitigate risks.


Small cars like the Cooper Mini or Fiat 500 are becoming more common on U.S. roadways especially in states like California where gas prices tend to be high.  Many people like the look and feel of a smaller vehicle as well.  However, small and mini vehicle owners should be aware of statistics which show that they are more likely to be seriously injured or killed in certain types of collisions, including front end impacts.  Planning by purchasing additional insurance that may cover medical costs is a great idea for these drivers.

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