Ignoring Brain Injuries: Is this just an NFL problem?

Growing attention to traumatic brain injuries will be of little use if we consider it only a football problem.

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Did you know:

A child seeks medical treatment for a sports or trauma related concussion every three minutes in the U.S.?  These injuries, while they sometimes seem “minor” can lead to a lifetime of complications including learning disorders and mental health issues later in life!

Stanford Health Employee Accused of Sexually Molesting Sedated Patients

OR tech accused of molesting male patients. Co-workers at Stanford Health surgery center called police after witnessing inappropriate touching.

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To me, there can be few acts more reprehensible than a medical health care worker engaging in sexual conduct with a sedated patient.  You would think this is a rare occurrence but, as a California sexual assault and abuse victim’s attorney, it is something that I have seen all too often.  

Bumble Bee Tuna and 2 Managers Charged in Oven Death of California Worker

Bumble Bee Foods and two managers have been charged by Los Angeles prosecutors with violating safety regulations in the death of a worker who was cooked in

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I can’t imagine a more horrible death than being cooked alive.  Apparently, due to a lapse in safety protocol, this is exactly what happened to a worker in a Los Angeles area tuna packing plant.  To be charged criminally for this incident means that prosecutors felt that the incident involved gross or reckless indifference to human safety.

Ford Recalling Almost 600,000 Vehicles Over Steering and Stalling Problems

For the steering problem, Ford is issuing recalls only for vehicles that were sold or are registered n states that depend heavily on winter road salt.

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It seems that we are, unfortunately, in a record year for recalls related to automobiles or car parts that are prone to dangerous conditions that can cause injury or death.  Now Ford joins the fray by issuing a recall order for almost 600,000 vehicles.  Steering and stalling problems are not what you want to have when you are traveling at 65 m.p.h. down the highway!  If your vehicle is on this list, take it in immediately to be checked out and repaired.

City of Palm Springs CA pays $700K in police chokehold death lawsuit

The City of Palm Springs will pay a $700,000 settlement to the family of a man who died after being roughly apprehended by city police two and a half years ago.

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In yet another in a series of high profile, high monetary value settlements involving alleged police misconduct in Southern California, the city of Palm Springs has agreed to pay $700,000 in the death of a person beaten by city police officers.  The decedent died 6 days after being tackled, tased, pinned, choked and handcuffed.  Police tried to use CPR to revive him at the scene but, he died about a week later.  The legal resolution appears to be a “structured settlement” whereby $250,000 will be paid to attorneys and the remainder will be paid out in installments to the minor son of the decedent.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws in California

Motorcycle helmet laws in California explained by Los Angeles injury attorney representing bikers involved in crashes in Southern CA | 866-252-0735

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Did you ever wonder what the law is exactly in California on wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle?  How does the Golden State compare to other jurisdictions?  What are the statistics on lives saved and serious injuries prevented by helmet use?  Find out more here.

California county to pay $650,000 to suspect beaten by deputies on video

California county OK’s settlement to avoid lawsuit by man whose beating by deputies after horse chase was captured on video

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San Bernardino County will pay $650,000 to settle rather than face protracted litigation in a civil rights claim from a beating suspect.  The man’s beating by Sheriff’s department deputies pursing the suspect by horseback was filmed and broadcast across the U.S.  This is one of many high settlements recently in police brutality claims in and around Southern California.  For discussion of another, similar recent claim and the state of the law on these types of personal injury actions, visit our blog post here: http://www.californiaaccidentattorneysblog.com/2014/09/25/chp-pay-1-5-million-police-brutality/