Greyhound bus crash case ready for trial in Fresno, California

The two key questions at the heart of a negligent-death civil trial scheduled to start Monday: Was Greyhound negligent in the July 2010 collision on Highway 99 in Fresno that killed six people? And did the California Highway Patrol do a thorough investigation?


Greyhound Bus Lines have a slogan, “leave the driving to us.” Unfortunately, for the passengers on this particular bus trip through the Central Valley of California, that was not a wise choice.  The families of two persons killed in this accident who were passengers on the bus are going to trial and contending that the bus driver was negligent and that the brakes on the bus were faulty.  Greyhound is arguing that the collision with an overturned SUV allegedly crashed by a driver under the influence was unavoidable.  It will be up to a jury to decide these issues.  California is a comparative fault state where a jury may apportion a percentage of fault to more than one party.  Under “proposition 51”, the liability for emotional distress and so-called “general damages” (the majority of the value of any wrongful death claim) could be apportioned based upon the percentage of fault.  For example, if Greyhound is found 25 percent liable, they may only have to pay 25 percent of the total award of “general damages” for loss of love, society comfort and care of the decedent.

For more information on bus accident and injury claims in California go to our website page on bus accident claims .

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