U.S. settles lawsuit over misuse of West Los Angeles veterans campus

The federal government has agreed to settle a lawsuit accusing the Department of Veterans Affairs of misusing its sprawling West Los Angeles health campus while veterans with brain injuries and mental impairment slept in the streets, people familiar with the agreement said Tuesday.

Source: www.latimes.com

A lawsuit alleging that the federal government was misusing the large parcel in West Los Angeles while homeless veterans with brain injuries slept in the streets nearby has been settled.  Under the settlement the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will have to develop a master plan for the property.

Man injured by shrapnel in plant demolition settles with PG&E

A Bakersfield man who was badly injured by flying shrapnel during the August 2013 demolition of an old power plant owned by Pacific Gas & Electric Co. has reached a settlement with the utility.

Source: www.bakersfieldcalifornian.com

As an electric utility provider and due the nature of a power plant demolition, Pacific Gas and Electric would be held to a higher legal standard of care under California law in this type of claim. They have filed a “cross complaint” against the contractor they hired to do the actual work.  However, under California law they would still legal liability and the settlement reflects their acknowledgment of that duty.  It is interesting that there is no mention of any claims directly by the plaintiff against the contractor but, it is assumed that such claims were also asserted.

For more information on liability of public utility companies in California and the standard of care for hazardous activities, go to our blog here .

January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Human trafficking is a big problem. As an attorney who represents victims of sexual assault, I have seen the “sex trade” first hand and know that it is a despicable enterprise. Help stop human trafficking!

JCS U.S. Immigration & Visa Law Office

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) plays an active role in the protection of victims of human trafficking, who often times are vulnerable people tricked into modern-day slavery and forced against their own will.

Traffickers will often use their victim’s immigration status, or lack-there-of, to threaten victims into submission. Our Los Angeles immigration attorneys are proud that USCIS, together with victim’s cooperation with law enforcement, will ensure that victims of human trafficking are able to apply to receive lawful immigration status so they are able to remain legally in the United States.

Human Trafficking help

I am the victim of human trafficking or another crime. How can I get legal U.S. immigration status?

USCIS grants T and U nonimmigrant status, referred to as T and U visas to certain victims of human trafficking and other crimes. Applying for these visas are free of charge.

T Visas are for victims of human trafficking and…

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Volunteer who broke his back after fall while searching for missing hikers settles lawsuit against the hikers

A volunteer who fell off a 110-foot cliff and broke his back while searching for two missing hikers in Trabuco Canyon has settled his lawsuit against hiker Kyndall Jack.

Source: www.ocregister.com

This is an interesting personal injury claim.  Hikers allegedly were reckless in setting out in an area for which they were not familiar and engaging in illicit, hallucinogenic drug use.  The plaintiff was injured when he fell off a cliff and broke his back in an attempt to rescue the hikers.  California tort law has a provision commonly known as the “rescue doctrine”, which provides for recovery by a rescuer against those persons he or she rescues if the person rescued negligently caused their own peril.

Funding Cuts to California Superior Court System Hits Consumers Hard!

Judges concerned about service reductions, state says courts need to make do

Source: www.utsandiego.com

California has seen record cuts in the public funding of our court system.  This is hitting consumers very hard in restricting their access to justice and increasing the time it takes to obtain relief through the civil justice system.  We all need to request that Governor Brown and the California State Legislature make our justice system a priority!

Los Angeles Injury Attorney Client Review – YouTube

Los Angeles injury attorney client review of the legal representation of Glotzer & Sweat, LLP in a traffic collision claim. “Just wanted to let you guys all …

Source: www.youtube.com

Always glad to see people who are pleased with the way we handled their personal injury claim.  This client expressed great satisfaction with both the amount of money were were able to obtain for her in her car accident claim and the efficiency with which the claim was processed.

Ped Motion Graphics – Driving Safely – YouTube

Driving safely around pedestrians and bicyclists.

Source: www.youtube.com

Good reminder from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the U.S. Dept. of Transportation.  Safely passing pedestrians and cyclists is something we should all think more about.  Slow down, give enough space, and share the road responsibly!

For more information on California’s new 3 foot space requirement for passing bicycles on the road click here .