Joplin tornado lawsuit is filed against Home Depot

Edie Howard Housel alleges that Home Depot and two other companies are responsible for the inadequate design of the company’s Joplin store, which collapsed and killed her husband and two children during the 2011 tornado. The EF5 tornado was an “act of God,” Home Depot’s lawyers say, and such events prohibit any liability on the companies.


Arguing that Home Depot should have made their store “tornado proof” or at least more safe in light of such “acts of nature”, seems like an uphill battle for these plaintiffs.  If, however, this was an area prone to such storms and Home Depot had knowledge of the inadequacy of their facility to withstand such forces safely, there may be room for argument of at least partial, legal responsibility.

Glotzer & Sweat, LLP – Home Depot accident attorneys in California

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