Is Google Keeping Secrets About the Safety of their Self-Driving Car?

Google’s experimental self-driving cars have traveled more than 700,000 miles on California’s roads with nothing more serious than a fender bender, and that one while a human was driving. But if the company had gotten its way, you might not know about the episode. According to documents obtained under freedom-of-information legislation and seen by Quartz, Google lobbied Californian…


Is the Google “self-driving car” as safe as claimed?  Is Google covering up minor accidents involving their new invention that could indicate more major problems if the vehicle is allowed free access to the open roads?  Interesting discussion here based upon an investigation including a Freedom of Information Act request for documents from the California DMV and others.

National Center on Elder Abuse: “How at Risk for Abuse are People with Dementia?”


The statistics are frightening at how much elderly people or others suffering from dementia and in the full time care of a nursing or assisting living facility are at risk for abuse.  Verbal abuse is the most common but, physical abuse and neglect also increase greatly with dementia patients. 

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Glendale, CA City officials launch safety campaign to reduce pedestrian car accidents

More than 50 banners will hang from light poles above Brand Boulevard as part of a month-long campaign to remind motorists about the dangers of distracted driving as well as leaving children, pets and seniors in a car on a hot day.


The City of Glendale, CA has seen a spike in pedestrian mishaps in the last several years.  As this public safety campaign tries to highlight, many of these incidents are the result of people being distracted by cell phones and other electronic devices.  It only takes a split second to take your eyes off the road and run over a person in the street.  SLOW DOWN and keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road!

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Joplin tornado lawsuit is filed against Home Depot

Edie Howard Housel alleges that Home Depot and two other companies are responsible for the inadequate design of the company’s Joplin store, which collapsed and killed her husband and two children during the 2011 tornado. The EF5 tornado was an “act of God,” Home Depot’s lawyers say, and such events prohibit any liability on the companies.


Arguing that Home Depot should have made their store “tornado proof” or at least more safe in light of such “acts of nature”, seems like an uphill battle for these plaintiffs.  If, however, this was an area prone to such storms and Home Depot had knowledge of the inadequacy of their facility to withstand such forces safely, there may be room for argument of at least partial, legal responsibility.

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