Bicycling Can Be Deadlier in L.A. Than in Mumbai, Shanghai and Other Heavy-Traffic Cities (VIDEO)

At first, riding a bicycle through Mumbai seemed like a death wish. I saw lines of cars, scooters, rickshaws, horses, oxen, and even human-pulled carts lurch into intersections before the light turned green. I hesitated at the crosswalk, holding up traffic and setting off honking from behind. I was petrified…


Los Angeles, on the surface, seems like the perfect place to get out and ride a bike.  The weather is temperate and the streets seem to be wide enough in most places and more bicycle lanes and other bike-friendly features are popping up.  This study by LA Weekly shows, though, that L.A. can be deadly for cyclists.  The death count for the year so far stands at 39!

For more information on bicycle accident and injury claims in Los Angeles go to:

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