Pedestrians Dying at Disproportionate Rates in America’s Poorer Neighborhoods

Many cities have made pedestrian safety a priority, but their efforts rarely focus on poorer areas, which have approximately double the fatality rates of wealthier communities.


Higher incidence of pedestrian accidents resulting in injuries and fatalities is something I have seen firsthand as a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles.  I’m glad to see studies now being done to substantiate the problem and to try to address issues that might reduce this alarming trend.

Vision Zero pedestrian safety program shifts to higher gear

Back in February, as city officials were considering adopting a Vision Zero program to combat the increasing number of fatal collisions involving pedestrians, a car struck and killed an 87-year-old man in a Yorba Street crosswalk on dangerous Sunset Boulevard. Police Chief Greg Suhr said his department had issued 1,500 citations for speeding and other traffic violations along Sunset since the February fatality and an injury collision in March. […] there hasn’t been a pedestrian collision, he said. At the White House Innovation for Disaster Response and Recovery Initiative Demo Day on Tuesday, agency officials will unveil their City72 Toolkit (, a guide for other cities and jurisdictions to riff off the city’s SF72 ( home system for disaster preparedness. “Historically, if you looked at how government messaging works, it would go something like this: ‘You’re going to die if you don’t get a flashlight and a kit,’ ” said Rob Dudgeon, San Francisco’s deputy director for emergency services.


California’s ban on cell phone use while driving didn’t reduce car crashes: CU-Boulder Study | Uncover California


Interesting data here showing the so-called “ban” on cell phone use not reducing car crashes in California.  I think the problem is that the restrictions allow for drivers to dial numbers by hand and text to talk (at least for adults) and, therefore, the “exceptions swallow up the rule”.  As an attorney that handles auto accident claims in the Golden State, I can say that I continue to see traffic collisions caused by cell phone use on a regular basis since the laws were enacted by the California legislature.