Moraga School District agrees to pay largest ever per student molestation settlement: $18.65 Million Total

Moraga School District’s insurance company will pay $14 million to two women who were abused as part of a 1990s sex abuse scandal and cover-up. It had already paid $4.65 million to two other victims.


The total settlement to all four victims in this school sexual abuse case approximates $19 Million.  The first two victims received approximately 4.65 million and the two additional victims received $7 Million each.  Usually, the value of these multiple victim claims depends upon, unfortunately, whether the victim is first in line or last.  This is because whether the school district knew or should have known that their employee was engaging in inappropriate sexual contact with students oftentimes hinges upon reported incidents to prior victims.

Click here for more information on sexual abuse claims in California Schools.

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