Riding with impaired drivers tied to riskier teen driving

Teens who’ve been in cars with impaired drivers may be more likely themselves to get behind the wheel drunk or drugged, a recent study suggests.

Steven M. Sweat‘s insight:

Teens are the riskiest demographic when it comes to car accidents.  Studies have revealed many reasons for this including being inexperienced in motor vehicle operation, being easily distracted by cell phones or other friends in their car and engaging in risky behavior.  One of the worst risks they tend to take more so than other drivers is driving under the influence of alcohol or riding as a passenger in a vehicle operated by a drunk or stoned driver.  Anyone with teenagers should demand that they take a driver safety course and monitor their activities closely to reduce the risk of accidents which can injure themselves or their peers.

For additional information on teen driving risks and how to avoid them, visit our blog post on a tragic car accident involving multiple teens in a single vehicle in Burbank, CA:


See on www.foxnews.com

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