San Bernardino County has paid nearly $63M to settle civil lawsuits since 2008

SAN BERNARDINO >> More than one-fifth of the $62.8 million San Bernardino County paid to settle civil lawsuits over the past six years named the Sheriff’s Department as a defendant, while Arrowhead Regional Medical Center was named defend

Steven M. Sweat‘s insight:

Civil claims against public entities in California are difficult oftentimes because governments are immunized against liability in many instances.  However, they are not immune to suit in all cases.  It would appear that the County of San Bernardino has had its fair share of civil lawsuits in the past several years with settlement in excess of $63 Million since 2008.  A large portion of these claims came against the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and the main public hospital.  This makes sense given that these entities deal with emergency situations on a regular basis and these types of encounters can be subject to later scrutiny when they result in injury or death.  The standard for liability in the majority of these claims is whether or not the public employees involved acted reasonably given all circumstances or engaged in activity that was beyond the scope of specified rules and procedures and resulted in a personal injury or wrongful death.

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