Univesity of California (Santa Barbara) Student Sues UC Regents After Alleged Sexual Abuse

A former UC Santa Barbara student is suing the UC Board of Regents over allegations of sexual abuse by a TA. She is also suing her purported abuser, Jeffrey Beckstrand, a graduate student in UCSB’s English department. The student, known only as Jane Doe for the duration of the lawsuit, attended UCSB from 2008 to […]

Steven M. Sweat‘s insight:

If these allegations are true, this is obviously an egregious violation of ethical guidelines and California criminal law on the part of the teacher’s assistant.  Whether or not the Regents of California will be held civilly liable upon proof of the veracity of the claims depends upon the plaintiff obtaining further evidence that University officials knew or should have known that the TA was prone to such conduct.  There will also be governmental immunities to overcome in the case.  

Click here for more information on sexual abuse claims on college campuses in California go to: www.victimslawyer.com/sexual-assault-abuse-attorney/

See on ucsdguardian.org

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