In L.A., anything but a crack response to tree-buckled sidewalks

When I asked for a list of all the claims filed against the city of Los Angeles by people who have tripped and injured themselves on city sidewalks, I didn’t realize I might throw my back out just lifting the document.

Steven M. Sweat‘s insight:

I had a torts professor that used to say that you could tell the state of a country’s personal injury laws by the condition of their sidewalks.  Apparently, the City of Los Angeles isn’t of this opinion.  Despite numerous and repeated lawsuits being filed as a result of injuries sustained over major sidewalk defects caused by tree roots uprooting the concrete, the city continues to not repair or replace these dangerous conditions of public property.  California Government Code section 830(a) defines a “dangerous condition of public property” as follows: A “dangerous condition” is a condition of public property that creates a substantial risk of injury to members of the general public when the property [or adjacent property] is used with reasonable care and in a reasonably foreseeable manner.

For more information on trips and fall claims due to negligent maintained property or dangerous conditions in Los Angeles click here  or go to:

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