California high court rules cover charge at parties creates liability

SAN FRANCISCO — Party hosts who ask guests to pay a cover charge to defray costs may be held legally responsible if an underage drinker becomes intoxicated and hurts himself or others, the California Supreme Court decided Monday.

Steven M. Sweat‘s insight:

If you decide to throw a party at your house and you charge a fee to get in, you become a seller of alcohol.  What is the legal significance of this?  You could be found liable for personal injury or wrongful death if underage drinkers are being served and are obviously intoxicated.   Find out more here:

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Bike Program Stickers and Spoke Cards Coming to an Outreach Event Near You!


Karina Macias, LADOT Bike Program Graphics Guru

2014 is a big year for the LADOT Bike Program identity!  For the past 8 months we’ve been blessed with the ultra talented Karina Macias, our pro-bono consultant who designed new Bike Program stickers, spoke cards, and took the Bike Program graphic identity in an entirely new direction.  The Bike Blog took a moment to sit down with this graphics mastermind to get to the bottom of her brilliant design strategy.

Bike Blog: Why #BikeLA?

Karina: “We wanted to create a community, within social networking, with people who ride their bicycle in LA. [#BikeLA] would be the easiest way for bicyclists to share their ideas and stories.  This is the Bike Program’s way of identifying with them and building a community around bicycling.”

Bike Program Sticker by Karina Macias

Bike Blog: Why green?

Karina: “Bikes mean money… I mean, green is a comfortable…

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How Old is Too Old To Drive? How Often Should the DMV Test Older Drivers?

The case of a 90-year-old in Menlo Park raises questions about the DMV and …

Steven M. Sweat‘s insight:

Many car crashes occur every year involving drivers over the age of 70, 80 and, in the case discussed here, even 90 years old.  This raises some interesting questions about whether older drivers should be subject to more frequent driving tests from the California Department of Motor Vehicles in order to maintain driving privileges.

For more information on car accident claims involving older drivers in California go to: 

Car Accidents Attorney California

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