Extreme Road Rash From Motorcycle Incidents – A Real Danger

Ehline says they can be deadly. Or they can just peal away your skin like a horrible burn. As a motorcycle rider and accident lawyer please protect yourself. No matter what though we are in your corner as a legal champion.

Steven M. Sweat‘s insight:

Road rash is one of the most common injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash.  When the bike lays down and/or when the rider is ejected, there is usually a period where their body is dragged across asphalt over some distance.  Depending upon the nature and extent of skin affected, this can be a minor injury that heals within a few weeks or lead to major complications like infections, which can cause a need for hospitilization and surgical intervention such as skin grafts.  It is important to note that an injured rider is entitled to compensation the pain and suffering associated with both the initial injury and with any complications that result.  

For more information or assistance with any motorcycle injury claims in California involving road rash injuries go to:


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