Family of girl run over at SFO crash scene files lawsuit against city

The parents of a teenage girl who was run over and killed by two emergency vehicles after an Asiana Airlines crash have filed a claim against the city of San Francisco, saying rescuers were reckless and poorly trained.

Steven M. Sweat‘s insight:

While I feel for the victim’s family in this tragic case, I think that this particular claim will be an uphill battle from a legal standpoint.  Public entities in general (like the City of San Francisco) and emergency personnel in particular (like EMT s) have immunities against being held legally accountable in many accident and injury scenarios.  The public policy rationale behind such legal protections is to allow emergency medical staff to engage in rescue efforts without fear of being sued for doing so.  This is not to say that the facts obtained by the girl’s family through discovery may not reveal that the conduct of these particular ambulance drivers or the persons training or supervising them do not justify holding them accountable in this particular case. Only time will tell!

For more information on personal injury and wrongful death claims in California go to:

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