More SFPD Pedestrian Victim-Blaming: Taraval Station’s Insane Flyer | Streetsblog San Francisco

Steven M. Sweat‘s insight:

This flyer distributed by San Francisco PD stirred some controversy among bicycle and pedestrian advocates.  The City, like many urban areas in CA has seen a rapid rise in pedestrian injuries and deaths in and around crosswalks.  I think the intention here was somewhat well founded (i.e. to not allow use of headphones, smart phones, texting and walking and other dangerous activties to interfere with crossing a street safely), they probably could have gone about this in a little more sensitive manner especially considering the number of deaths in the past year.  While persons traversing a roadway on foot within a designated crossing do, in fact, have the right of way under the California Vehicle Code, the law also provides a duty on the part of the pedestrian to not enter a roadway until safe to do so.  Nevertheless, there are far too many drivers who fail to stop at limit lines and slow down while approaching intersections as well.

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