15 Motorcycle Tips for Riding In Traffic – Motorcyclist Online

Motorcyclist Online takes a closer look at 15 tips for riding a motorcycle in traffic

Steven M. Sweat‘s insight:

Riding a motorcycle on busy surface streets and freeways in congested areas like Los Angeles can be harrowing.  Trying to weave between motorists trying to merge and change lanes is one of the most accident prone scenarios for any biker.  This is a great article that provides good tips on how to avoid a crash including the following:

  1. Watch the heads and mirrors of other drivers to see if they are looking out for you
  2. Check your mirrors often but, don’t trust them completely.  Give a head turn check before changing lanes
  3. Never get between a vehicle and an offramp
  4. Keep your hand covering the brake at all times in case you need to stop rapidly
  5. Be Noticed – Turn on your headlight and wear reflective and brightly colored gear even during the day
  6. Staying in a lower gear gives you power if you need to get out of a dangerous situation
  7. Watch out for the dreaded left hand turn when approaching intersections
  8. Scan the road surface for slick patches
  9. Ride in the gaps.  If possible, always try to avoid riding alongside vehicles that could quickly merge into you.
  10. Make sure to turn off your turn signal after use.  A blinking signal, left on, can confuse other drivers

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See on www.motorcyclistonline.com

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