Top Ten Things Motorcyclists Should Avoid

There is an abundance of information available to today’s riders, but some of it is plainly false and even harmful.

Steven M. Sweat‘s insight:

This is great advice to avoid a motorcycle crash.  To sum up:

  1. Don’t be the “Designated Crasher” – riding while high or drunk is one of the most frequent causes of bike crashes;
  2. “Don’t be a Drag” – racing to show who’s boss could end up just getting you killed.
  3. Don’t “Do Lines” – Painted lines on roadways are slick and get slicker with moisture.  They are to be avoided.
  4. Don’t Get Into “Pissing Contests” with other riders or other motorists.
  5. No “Stinkeyes” – avoid giving other vehicle drivers the stink eye or the middle finger or any other road rage type behavior. You may be able to outrun them but, you may smash yourself up doing it.
  6. Look out for bicycle riders (they are in your same portion of the road but, are much slower)
  7. Don’t go for “Sloppy Seconds” – trying to follow a faster bike and mimic them move for move is asking for trouble.
  8. Look out for the “shiny stuff” like oil, paint and other slick roadway materials that can cause you to lose traction, skid and lay down.
  9. Avoid distractions that cause you to turn your head.  Keep your eye on the road!
  10. Avoid roads with significant debris from trees, trash, etc.  If you hit this type of roadway obstruction at any significant speed, you may very well lose control of your bike.

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