Deadly Commuter Train Crash in New York City Likely to Revive Debate Over Rail Safety Technology

National Transportation Safety Board investigating New York train derailment that killed four. Sources said the engineer of the southbound Metro-North Railroad commuter train didn’t apply the brakes as usual while approaching a tight curve before…

Steven M. Sweat‘s insight:

Apparently, there are mandates in place to require installation of railway technology that would automatically brake if it detects excessive speed by the train.  The rail industry has resisted implementation of this technology and many areas are stating that they will not be in compliance by the mandated date of 2015.  This resistance to implement safety protocols is reminiscent of the resistance by the trucking industry to recent legislated rest and sleep breaks.  Anytime an industry is forced to a perceived sacrifice of profit for safety, there is resistance but, if this technology is able to prevent a similar de-railment in the future, is it not worth it?

For more information on train accident claims in California go to:

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