$100K awarded in wrongful-death lawsuit involving hit and run of a cyclist

The Kruszewski family had sought $5 million in the civil lawsuit filed in June against Elias Webb, 32.

Steven M. Sweat‘s insight:

This tragic case out of VA is, unfortunately, far too common of a scenario nationwide, including here in California as follows:

  1.  A bicyclist is struck by a driver who then attempts to flee (i.e. a hit and run)
  2. The driver is tracked down (not always the case) but ..
  3. Has only minimal insurance coverage and no appreciable assets to compensate the victim’s family

At the present time, the minimum liability coverage that any CA driver must have for bodily injury or death to another person caused by their motor vehicle is only $15,000 per claimaint and $30,000 aggregate per claim.  In this case, the coverage was actually $100,000 but, this is still a paltry sum for the value of a human life snuffed out by a reckless and careless driver who attempted to flee the scene to avoid responsibility for the bike wreck.

As an attorney that represents persons injured in bicycles in California, I am hopeful that the minimal coverage limits will be increased in the future.  Californians deserve better!

See on www.timesdispatch.com

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