Powerful wind gusts cause trucking accidents in California

(AP) — A storm blasted the Southwest with powerful wind gusts, snow and rain on Monday, knocking over big rigs on a stretch of California highway, toppling trees in Las Vegas and causing dust storm warnings in some areas.

Steven M. Sweat‘s insight:

High winds in and around California freeways during the fall and winter months are a notorious cause of big rig trucking accidents.  Because semi-tractor trailers have such a high profile, they are more prone to being toppled by gusts.   This, unfortunately, can lead to freeway collisions with other vehicles who come upon a toppled truck and cannot stop in time to prevent a crash.  The California Vehicle Code section 22350 states that every vehicle (including cars and trucks) must adjust their speed to account for all roadway conditions, including weather no matter what the stated speed limit may be.

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See on www.timesunion.com

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