U.S. road deaths fall 4.2% in ’13

Washington -The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said U.S. traffic deaths fell 4.2 percent in the first six months of 2013, according to a preliminary estimate released Wednesday.

Steven M. Sweat‘s insight:

Nice to see the numbers falling for traffic collision fatalities in the U.S. Hopefully, this estimate will hold up through the end of the year.  Traditionally, the holiday period has a higher number of fatal car accidents related to drunk driving but, hopefully this number will not be as high as year’s past. 

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Jury awards $150M to 13-year-old girl in family’s wrongful death suit

A jury awarded a 13-year-old California girl $150 million in a wrongful death lawsuit following a car accident in which her family burned to death.

Steven M. Sweat‘s insight:

This is a tragedy of grand proportions that could have been prevented but for the negligence of a truck driver who chose to illegally park beside a freeway in a manner that created a hazard to oncoming traffic.  California Vehicle Code 22500 prohibits any vehicle from parking or standing stationary adjacent to a highway in a manner the obstructs the flow of traffic.  It sounds like the trucker in question testified inconsistently as to why he parked when and where he did and the jury found the weight of the evidence to support a claim that he acted in an unreasonable manner and caused multiple deaths.  

Some would argue that the jury award of $150 million seems excessive.  California law gives full discretion to a civil jury, however, to determine the value of the loss of human life including, in this case, the lifetime loss of the love, society, comfort and companionship that would have been provided by the girl’s family had they not been killed.

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Powerful wind gusts cause trucking accidents in California

(AP) — A storm blasted the Southwest with powerful wind gusts, snow and rain on Monday, knocking over big rigs on a stretch of California highway, toppling trees in Las Vegas and causing dust storm warnings in some areas.

Steven M. Sweat‘s insight:

High winds in and around California freeways during the fall and winter months are a notorious cause of big rig trucking accidents.  Because semi-tractor trailers have such a high profile, they are more prone to being toppled by gusts.   This, unfortunately, can lead to freeway collisions with other vehicles who come upon a toppled truck and cannot stop in time to prevent a crash.  The California Vehicle Code section 22350 states that every vehicle (including cars and trucks) must adjust their speed to account for all roadway conditions, including weather no matter what the stated speed limit may be.

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Senior Citizens at High Risk of Traumatic Brain Injuries from Falls

Oct. 29, 2013 – Anyone who cares for or just cares about an older adult – a parent, grandparent, other family member, or even a close friend – will say they are concerned about keeping their loved one healthy and independent.

Steven M. Sweat‘s insight:

Just like other major injuries that occur from falls like hip fractures, head injuries are, unfortunately, all too common among our nation’s senior citizens.  This study shows the dramatic numbers of older Americans that suffer traumatic brain injury in their senior years as a result of falling down and striking their head.

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Motorcyclists Dead After Biketoberfest

In 1992, Biketoberfest commenced in Daytona. It was another way to increase popularity and crowds for Daytona’s Bike Week, which is a ten day event held every March. This year claimed the first motorcyclist fatality during Biketoberfest.

Steven M. Sweat‘s insight:

Events like Biketoberfest are great for bikers to get together and enjoy a passion for riding.  This death of a motorcycle rider is a grave reminder, though, that bikers can and are killed every year by motorists.

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Increasing pedestrian safety will take more than tougher laws

They consider running a family thing. Jeri Dye Lynch and her three sons ran every chance they got — right up until the day her oldest boy, Conor, was struck and killed by a car as he crossed the street outside his high school on his way to…

Steven M. Sweat‘s insight:

The statistics on pedestrian accidents in and around Los Angeles are staggering: About one third of all motor vehicle collisions in the L.A. basin involve a person on foot.  Walkers, joggers, runners all fall victim to people driving too fast, being distracted, running red lights and many other bad driving techniques that leave people vulnerable to being struck, injured or killed.  This is a poignant piece about a mother who lost a son to such an incident and used this to create a foundation to promote pedestrian safety awareness.  

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