The Real Future of Ride-Sharing May All Come Down to the Insurance And Whether Ride-Sharing Businesses Are Legally Liable For Accidents and Injuries

The Atlantic Cities The Real Future of Ride-Sharing May All Come Down to the Insurance The Atlantic Cities But the terribly fluky accident raises some more straight-forward questions, too: Just what does happen if you’re an Uber passenger in the…

Steven M. Sweat‘s insight:

This article is a very good discussion of the potential legal liability issues raised by ride sharing companies like #uber and #lyft.  These companies are in business to make a profit but, are arguing that they should not be responsible if a driver hired through their service is negligent and causes and auto collision.  It takes an example of a traffic collision in San Francisco where an Uber vehicle crashed into a second automobile and also hit a fire hydrant, which injured a pedestrian.  The driver of the second vehicle and the pedestrian are now contemplating naming Uber as a defendant if lawsuits are filed for personal injury.   Under California law, the plaintiffs in such an action would probably have to show that the drivers were acting as an agent of the ride-share company or that the ride share company was negligent in allowing the driver to operate a motor vehicle within their system.  It will be interesting to see how this may play out in the courts.

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