Truck Accident Regs Q& A with TOP LA Injury Attorney Michael Ehline

Here are questions I just posed to Michael Ehline regarding the New Trucking Safety Rules.


Q: Will these new trucking rules regulations/topics/hos/statement.aspx actually reduce the number of Large Truck Crashes resulting in serious personal injury or even death?


A: Past figures I have seen, show that there is a point where reasonable regulations, become over-regulation. So yes, reasonable rules for the road are a great framework for how a reasonable person must act. But after a point, these rules become overbearing and actually hinder the safety of the abider. For example, these new regulations cut the hours of truckers, and now, on their forced downtime, they have to find a way to get extra money to support their families. My thought has always been that regulations are a floor and not a ceiling. That people,especially people in business, who want to avoid lawsuits, injuries, etc., will hold themselves to an even higher standard, or the market and suits, will force them out of the marketplace. (Read More here about the effect of truck regulations in California.)

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