Lawsuit: School Bus Driver Sexually Assaulted Mentally Challenged 15-Year-Old Girl

VERNON — A Tolland County family has sued a school bus driver and a regional education center in Hampton alleging that the driver, Leo King of Brooklyn, repeatedly sexually assaulted their 15-year-old mentally challenged daughter.

Steven M. Sweat‘s insight:

As an attorney that assists victims of sexual assault and battery, I can, unfortunately, attest to the frequency of sexual misconduct related to disabled persons.  The mentally disabled, children and many other vulnerable segments of our society become prey to sexual predators all too often.  Lawsuits like this one benefit society by making persons who employ sexual deviants potentially responsible for wrongdoing committed by these perverts if it can be shown that the employer knew or should have known about that the perpetrators were unfit for a job that requires interaction with minors or the mentally disabled.  This makes entities who deal with children and the disabled more cautious in their hiring, training and retention of employees, which only benefits society as a whole.

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